Tips For Fitting Cowboy Hats

Tips For Fitting Cowboy Hats

Since your new
cowboy hat is an investment that can last a lifetime,
we at Wild Wild Western Wear want you to be satisfied!
It is important to have your cowboy hat fit correctly.
If it is too tight, you will get headaches.
If it is too loose, it'll fall off.
So here is how to measure your hat size:

1. Measure around your head about 2 to 2.5 cm above ear where your hat will be worn.
(A cloth tape measure such as a seamstress or tailor uses is ideal.)
It is usually helpful to have someone help you.
2. Pull the tape tight to measure within 3 mm
3. Read off the number in cm to determine your hat size.
4. Click on the link below and read your size on the chart provided
That's the way it's done. Simple!

Hat size chart click here
Cowboy Hat Care

Cowboy Hat Care

For the best long term care of your cowboy hat

1. Never store your cowboy hat the right side upon a flat surface. This could cause the brim to flatten. Store upside down on a clean surface or in a box

2. To remove service dirt from a straw cowboy hat, wipe with a clean damp cloth. For a fur felt cowboy hat, use a soft brush starting on the left side of the hat repeatedly brushing counter clockwise toward the back

3. Because heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband, avoid exposure to ovens, radiators, lamps and car windows.

4. If you fur felt cowboy hat gets wet, turn down the leather sweatband and stand the hat on the sweatband to dry. Avoid resting the hat on its brim while wet.

5. To keep the sweatband dry of perspiration and hairdressing, occaisionally turn down the sweatband to dry when not being worn.

6. Clean water and grease spots on fur felt cowboy hats with baby powder or corn starch. Avoid all liquid cleaners.

7. When removing your cowboy hat , hold it by the brim, in front and back. Avoid handling the crown as much as possible.

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